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A NEW shipment of the finest freshest leaf has arrived. New strains including "Elephant Kratom" Yellow Kalbar,Borneo SUPER Green, Kalbar White,Kalbar Red has earned its right to be on our site and available for you all. KALBAR farmed Kratom WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. {Kalimantan Green will be back soon.} and {M.D. Green Kalimantan is also on the way} 

        LOOK AT THESE MAGNIFICENT TREES! ELEPHANT LEAF! New to us, We will let you all know if it is going to be available to you all(if it deserves to be?)

Also look at how clean this farm is in Kalbar Indonesia. Observe the clean nicely constructed indoor drying buildings in the back around. This Kratom is maybe going to top our already BEST  Kratom strains from Kalimantan.

Last but certainly not least, Our Kalimantan strains have been replenished and abundant.

       Please keep in mind that we handle payment off of this site and will contact you by text/email/telephone when we receive your order(calling us at the time of your pacing the order will streamline the process and insure that your order will ship ASAP. We do require some sort of contact with you before we will ship your order.

We recommend installing this FREE app called "SIGNAL" on your phone, and sharing it with your friends and family. https://whispersystems.org/blog/signal/  

      If you are sick or struggling and would like to ask for our help, Then email/call us about your situation and we will do our best to help you out, sliding scale payment plans, even donations depending on your situation.

This is the GO FUND ME link for Dr. Dessie Andrews

          Dr. Dessie is actually fighting to help this situation. We are very proud to know her and all she does to selflessly help others daily. We stand behind her, Beside her and if ever needed Right up in front of her!!! SHE IS A TRUE FREEDOM FIGHTER!! PLEASE STAND WITH HER AND SUPPORT IN ANY WAY YOU CAN!!

        It is important to research the people that you donate too. As we all know, when emotions are inflamed shady people are quick to take advantage. There are many unclear aspects having to do with organizations claiming to be fighting for Kratom freedom. Research who you are donating to!

     If you have love for the Grateful Dead Family, and the guidance and love they shared for so many years and into eternity. Then this beautiful man Mr John Barlow has written many songs that mean so much to many of us. He wrote songs like Freedom and Liberty,Throwing Stones,Lost Sailor and many more. His family needs our help. He is sick and maybe if you are in the position to help support him then this is where you can donate to the cause. https://www.johnperrybarlow-wellnesstrust.com/

        I can not express how much love my family has for all of you that choose to order from us. The dark side is after us and when you order from us it helps us remain free and safe and together as a family. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

I will call/text/email you when your order is received. I make it a practice to talk to each person that orders before shipping. I have never had anyone under the age of 21 even attempt to order on this site. If you are not a responsible adult then you should have a talk with one about why you are curious about Kratom and well other vendors may ship to you. We are not comfortable with doing so.

  This is one way purchase bitcoin.  https://libertyx.com/    You register for a free account first. Next search that site for your zip code and you will see many stores that participate in your area. You can simply walk in and buy with cash however many USD worth of BTC needed. bitcoin20 is our coupon code that will give 20% off all orders over $200.00 

Before purchasing BTC(bitcoin) you will need a digital wallet. This is a link for the most secure and reputable wallet site. https://electrum.org/#home

         The wallet is yours only. You download it to you computer and do not need to sign in to access your wallet. It belongs to you. Very secure.

        I advise all of you to take cyber security seriously. Each step you take to protect your private info is important.

I am sharing this link with store owners and I will get credit for their signup. People will be able to walk into your store and purchase bitcoin. My referrer URL is https://libertyx.com/r/HCKDOM17

vetcode16 for 15% off all orders over $50.00 (stolen Valor is no joke so ONLY Vets)

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 All big banks that offer online banking have simple ways to transfer funds (we use Wells Fargo) "Surepay" is how to transfer if you bank with Wells Fargo.
    Most big banks have an easy way to transfer funds with online banking. https://www.chase.com/personal/mobile-online-banking/p2p  
    Once set up, you can send and receive funds to a registered email or phone number.
    If you are already set up to use bitcoin, we will provide a bitcoin address to deposit into after you place your order.
       People are amazing!  Money is not the most important thing that we all have to offer. If you make crafts,art,grow food, or have any kind of useful items then we support barter. Run it by us and maybe we would be interested in a trade. Our family has love for honey,Chocolate and maple syrup:)  art,music,tools.... we are very opened minded...

      Freshness and quality are rare to find in the wide world of Kratom available in the USA today. We have them both. We are proud to give back to the community in the Kalimantan and Kalbar regions of Indonesia where our Kratom is sourced. We do this by donating some of our proceeds to schools in the community where our Kratom is farmed. Our Kratom goes through the farmers hands-the couriers hands, and then ours latex gloved hands. USPS handles most packages we send into your mailbox. Premium organic leaf dried indoors and harvested with love and respect. Small family owned and operated. We are proud to share our amazing connection direct from Indonesia with you.

     Our suppliers had to obtain legal licenses to export to our country. They have documents of "Phytosanitary" and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) specifically required for inspection by customs in Indonesia and the United States of America.

         We are very proud of the production process, quality control and the saving and storage as well as the temperature that the product is maintained in. Neat and tight packaging is practiced to protect the Kratom from smoke, ecolli, salmonella, and other contaminants. We only deal high quality clean Kratom leaf.

You Tube Hill Country Kratom

The Kalbar farm!

Our Kratom is grown and processed in Kalimantan Indonesia.