Pay Online

This is a pay now button for GENIE CASH BOX! Now locked and loaded for all of you to be able to simply pay at the time of checkout. It has been a challenge to get a safe and secure payment gateway set up and finally we have worked it out. Your reference number is your order number that you receive in the Email you get from us once you have placed your order. Simply enter your cell phone number,order(reference), the total $ for your order, and follow the prompts. This is writing us an E Check. I never see any of your information and the gateway is secured on your end. For all of you that send checks in the mail this will be a great relief! Call if you have any questions about it, and please remember it is new to us and so we are learning our way around it also. Thank You! We Love You!

The other accepted payment methods are as follows.

Online bank transfer-simple safe and free! If you use any bank that uses online banking, then you can easily log into your account and transfer funds to my account. That is a really safe and simple option all you need to do is log into your online banking and transfer funds to my account. We can work out the details when we have our welcome call if you are a first time order/new friend.

Postal Money orders ( purchased with cash or debit card at the Post Office)  (NO WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDERS PLEASE) If you purchase one and fill it out to MY NAME or leave it blank(I will spell my name out for you when we talk(You must call me to complete your order (830)992-5976 Unless you have ordered before and we have a payment method worked out that we use and works for us. UNLESS you pay by Echeck... then you do not need to call me. I will get an Email with an attachment of your check that I can print out and deposit as a regular check.

If you want to pay for your order using BITCOIN then shoot me an email or text requiting a deposit address and I will email it to you.

I can send you a VENMO request if that is what it boils down to but this is not really preferred, it works though and is just fine. It is a free app to download and it takes only a few minutes to register for an account and link your debit card to it. You can then in real time send payment to either my phone number (830)992-5976 Sometimes if I am unable to contact you. I will send a VENMO Invite/payment request and that will guide you through the process. It is very well known and as safe and secure as PayPal (which is not an option)

I prefer if you could go through the trouble of downloading this free app called  SIGNAL (PGP end to end encrypted voice and text communication

This is just safer for everyone and I encourage you all to spread the knowledge around to your friends and family. We all deserve privacy whether we have anything to hide or not. It is sad that we have to learn and go through steps to take our privacy back. That is where we are at in this day and age, so take this step to protect you and yours from anyone who may intend to cause you or your loved ones grief.