Accepted payment methods are as follows.

Money Gram wires

Postal Money orders ( purchased with cash or debit card at the Post Office)

Personal check

Western Union transfer or Money Gram Transfer. 

Over seas friends we have a SKRILL account.

Cash is King (sent priority mail usps is an option.

BITCOIN (digital Currency) buy Bitcoin at

We do have the ability to accept payment through several different digital wallet options, We can chat about them after your order has been placed.

Amazon E gift cards can be purchased and we will accept that type of credit (just log into you Amazon account and type E gift Card into the search box and it will guide you through.

I am working diligently on an easier and more convenient payment processing solution. Please hold tight folks and I will have something set up in a few days.

Always open to barter OF COURSE or TRADE.

Thank You Family for choosing us. You all mean so much to us. God Bless! AND ROCK AND ROLL :)

  If you want to pay for your order using BITCOIN then shoot us an email or text and you will be provided with a deposit address for Bitcoin.

 We recommend that you share this app with your friends and family.  SIGNAL (PGP end to end encrypted voice and text communication

This is just safer for everyone and I encourage you all to spread the knowledge around to your friends and family. We all deserve privacy whether we have anything to hide or not. It is sad that we have to learn and go through steps to take our privacy back. That is where we are at in this day and age, so take this step to protect you and yours from anyone who may intend to cause you or your loved ones grief.