OK people! Let's get on this NOW. They want to keep you all in a chemical prison. That is their goal. We have already broken out. NOW we will need to fight to stay free.

      These boys are standing proud around a 50 year old Kratom giant. These boys have a clean operation and have been doing this a long time. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on these trees. The cleaning and processing of the leaf is meticulous. 
We now have in stock Moringa leaf powder. This is an incredibly valuable super food and something that we recently learned about through our friend in Indonesia. This Moringa powder is produced from Moringa trees grown in indonesian and I will add a page with information about it on this site.
This is called Tongkat Ali. It is another precious plant that yields from the same region in Indonesia where our Kratom is grown.

Scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia (or locally as pasak bumi), tongkat ali is a flowering plant that belongs to the Simaroubaceae family. It is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos – just some Southeast Asian countries that boast of a virtually endless list of medicinal herbs and plants.


Tongkat ali is known by many names, including penawar pahit, paying ali, tongkat baginda, bidara laut, and tho nan, many of these labels referring to the plant’s extreme bitterness and medicine purpose. “Penawar pahit,” for one, literally means “bitter medicine.”


This small tree found in the lush rain forests of Indonesia has a traditional reputation as a herbal helper in most parts of the region. From serving as an aphrodisiac to treating simple headaches and ulcers, tongkat ali has been alleviating these problems with its time-tested natural properties.


Various parts of this plant are utilized, mainly the root, bark, leaves, and berries. The extract of the tongkat ali root is of specific interest, because many manufacturers today sell powders or concentrates from are found only in small quantities. Therefore, extracting and processing them from the plant roots is necessary the raw pulp without regard for offering the real deal. In these manufactured products, the active ingredients to achieve adequate potency. We are gearing up to offer this interesting new product to our store.

Remember! These tress in the photos shown are of the producers that our leaf comes from. HCK connects you with the truth about where your leaf comes from and who brings it to you. Usually the boys don't need to use a boat to reach the trees but it is so deep that they need to this time of year.